my healing journey

I'd been fighting illness my entire life, my earliest memory is about being ill, I was always at the doctors, always on medication....then auto immune disease began and took hold of my life in my teens, allergies, breathing problems, psoriasis, type 1 diabetes, psoriatic arthritis and to top it off, my adrenal glands gave out on me too. I was living that slippery slope of chronic debilitating illness, medication cocktails and severe side effects, a bleak future of managing symptoms and side effects and things progressing and getting worse.  I accepted it, and made the best of my life, until one day something inside me could say I woke up to the power of natural, holistic, self healing, and the strength I had within to help myself.

My mum had always taken me to many natural health practitioners to see if they could help and I was always interested in a natural way of life, but it wasn't until 2014, when facing some major setbacks, and more medications, suddenly, I knew I had to make some big choices.  The holistic pathway opened up before me, it looked shiny and bright in comparison to my other options. I decided to start my journey and It wasn't until this stage that I realised, I needed to go into it wholehearted, taking one herb, or eating one super food was not going to be enough to help me. It needed to be a complete and thorough life change and given my severity and sensitivities this would mean lots of work, experimenting, listening to my body, and continual evaluation, monitoring and research.  I was up for it, given my interest in this field, I was already super motivated and enthusiastic and still am.

I also decided that I needed to take away any doubt of this path not working, it wasn't on trial, it was the only way for me now, not a thought of going back, all fears or worries of what life could become, gone, and I only thought in terms of healing. I stopped fighting and struggling, instead I relaxed and listened to what I was experiencing, tried to understand it and get to the depths of the cause and then worked to heal, instead of putting up an attack. My body was sick for a reason, it was desperately trying to tell me what is wrong, attacking symptoms didn't make sense to me any longer.  We are such complex beings, I needed to get to the root of all of my problems and work up from there. All of the sudden black areas that the doctors had told me were incurable suddenly opened up to healing, cure is such a big word, I really don't think in terms of cure, as learning what I need to do to thrive and doing that, and continuing doing that, every day of my life.

I'm still learning and changing things in my life as they appear and I realise they need to be worked on, its a long and sometimes difficult journey, but it has all been worth it.  Looking back at my old symptom/medication diaries I'm astounded at how I used to suffer, and my meditation lists...slowly one by one its almost as if problems are dissolving as are medications... I have to keep vigilant, and life is full up most days with my routine, helping myself, taking charge, doing things I need to do...its work, but its positive work and never tiring work, and I'm happy to do it.

Recently, after what seemed like taking huge leaps backwards, I was diagnosed with celiac disease. Little did I know even the tiniest contamination with gluten could set me off, not only my stomach, but the inflammation process in my whole body, damaging my gut, joints... Ah yes, another challenge.

Knowledge is power though and with extra care I'm making headway. It helped nudge me, finally, to the path I set out on as an animal lover in my mid teens, to be a vegetarian, finally a Vegan, for the animals and the earth. Early 2016 saw me give up fish, then eggs, and after that, my progress in myself, has gone from strength to strength. I believe the earth is able to support me fully now that I'm fighting to support her. 💗🌱💗🌲💗🌻💗🌻💗🌲💗🌱💗

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