May 9, 2015

Missing chocolate this mothers day???

Or got a mum who eats nothing but rabbit food? Are you scratching your head as to what to get her that's as sweet as she is for Mothers day? 

Why yes! You read my mind!!! 
What's that you show, healthy chocolates??? 
Do tell more! 
What do I need? 

To make the nut butter, check out my easy instructions by following this link

Then simply add everything to a blender, and combine. 
Press into cute chocolate moulds, harden in the fridge. 
And voila, you have a beautiful present for your mum, and she'll love you for it, even if she did have to make it herself. If you are like my son and have paws instead of hands.. Teehee!

The beaut thing about this recipe is you can use less maple syrup if you like, more or less cacao, or peppermint. Personalised chockie :-) 

Thanks Pippin, I love my boy! 

Happy Mothers day to all types of mums everywhere!  

1 comment:

  1. OMG! Healthy chocolate? It's healthy? That's so awesome and I'm going to have to get the ingredients to try this when payday comes. Hi to Pip from Patches! <3


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