October 14, 2013

Pumpkin is such a cute word...

Isn't it? Well, anyway, I looove pumpkin, and even though it's not techniqually harvest time in Australia, it's still the time of year that the world focuses on pumpkin recipes!

I'm determined to find a great pumpkin pie alternative recipe, but while searching through pinterest, I found this one...


And then this happened

It's DELISH! Like, we've divided it up so we get equal pieces lol


.... Well? What are you waiting for? ;-)


  1. I was just going to tell you that I needed to try pumpkin. I have only had it once and did not like it then, but I wonder if it had gone bad or something, because it tasted sour. I will have to try that too. Today I am trying paksoi....That's how it is called here, no idea what it tastes like, but we'll soon find out :)
    So glad your pie was delish, I have got to give it a go too
    Love you....Ellen

  2. Looks delicious! Going to try making it this weekend, thanks for sharing Sarah! Maybe next time I'll have to send you a bottle of maple syrup...


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