September 27, 2013

Nutty for Coconut!

Coconut can I write about you without sounding like an overenthusiastic, I can't so I won't even try!  Coconut oil has quickly become like liquid gold in our house, yes, we kind of worship it LOL.  The health benefits aside, its yummy!!!!  Yes, yummy! If in doubt give it that first day or two, a week if you're fussy, and it becomes an addiction, it replaces all cravings for sweets and junk foods and you become healthier in the process!  

Coconut oil is not absorbed the same way as other oils, its quickly converted by the liver into energy to be used by the brain and muscles, not stored as fat! Yes, you read right, a fat you can eat and it won't end up on your bum!  I feel the energy hit pretty quickly once I've eaten my dose and become brighter eyed and clearer of thought, nice feeling! I have also found I have more energy to burn since I've started taking it.  Not only that, but it is a superfood, it does amazing things for your body.  Just read from some of my favourite informative links...

I started off with 1 tablespoon for a week, and then 2, now I take between 2 -3 per day, depending on how many meals I smother it on.  There are so many recipes for using coconut oil.  But to make sure I've had my daily dose, I melt it a little in the jar, in hot water, measure out my dose, mix it with dedicated coconut, a little honey and some nuts, and yum!!!!  Such a satisfying treat!  Yes, I do mean treat!  I really do, don't worry, I had my doubts too, surely I'd gain weight, its going to be SO hard to eat that much oil every day...  Its why I had a jar of coconut oil sitting in my cupboard for 3 years, I threw it out when we moved house thinking I'd never use it, you know, one of those fads I bought the stuff for but never started and a year later, present day, it dawned on me....uh duh...coconut oil!!!

I'm a Pinterest addict, too, hehe, I've been pinning loads of healthy recipes to my board Delish and Nutrish, if you would like to take a look at some ideas feel free...

I smother it on baked potatoes, use it in pop corn, on my gluten free toast, recipes, meals, anything....its such a good replacement for the vegetable oils and butters I don't eat anymore as they add to inflammation levels in my body.
I've already lost kilos, and I'm eating more food, in just over a month of starting taking it! I'm on prednisolone for my adrenal gland failure, and haven't been able to shift my weight gain for the last 6 years, it is now shifting!  My blood sugars have dramatically decreased even though I've had type 1 diabetes these past 18 years since I was a teen, I have more energy, and my skin is so smooth, without applying moisturiser!  

Here is more detailed information.

So coconut oil is free in our house, along with coconut milk, shredded coconut, coconut cream.  The big problem with going on restricted foods is not being able to cook a lot of things because key ingredients are missing, this has become a problem of the past.  Coconut can replace just about any form of dairy or fat in cooking, and it tastes great!!!  I honestly can't even tell its coconut anymore, I tasted the mild coconut flavour for about a week and then I was used to it, it tastes as good, or better than what it's replacing.  After eating a heavy, rich, fatty meal or dessert, I would always feel icky afterwards, or just plain guilty!!  I've said goodbye to that, those things don't exist when you use coconut, you just feel wonderful!!!!

I have started learning about oil pulling, but have only done it a couple of times and can't hold it for more than about 5 mins so far. I will let you all know how I go with it.

Some more great information, because coconut oil has so many other uses

TTFN and let me know if you are a coconut nut too :-) 

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