September 20, 2013

another lemony coconuty concoction...

Its the season for lemons, and our neighbours are giving them away, literally, wheelbarrows on driveways, free lemons, lol. Luckily I love lemons and they go so well with coconut!  So, this slice is also delish, or maybe I'm just hungry, lol, honestly this new way of eating has me feeling hungry for the first time I was a kid!  It's a weird feeling actually....I used to eat to feed my illnesses, or comfort, to feel good..well, taste bud good anyway.  I'm actually able to eat more of this sort of stuff and feel good about it so I'm in no way deprived, it's just spurring me on to research and make new recipes..the inner naturopath/dietitian in me is having a ball!!!  It's what I dreamed of doing when I was in high school when chronic auto immune illness interrupted... So, I'm loving learning and doing this now!  But who would have thought these healthy sweets could actually taste good huh!

Gluten free, dairy free, simple sugar free

I found this recipe at this site...

And for anyone looking for an excellent source for recipes and information, the coconut mama is awesome :-)

So, I did exactly what she did, except - I soaked my cashews for an hour in hot water.... Why? Hunger issues... Lol
I used dried dates, tripled the quantity and soaked them too.
I used a tablespoon of honey
A half cup coconut.

I baked it at 180C for 15 minutes fan forced oven

I also didn't wait till it had cooled.... Lol!

I bought a nifty little mini chopper from Big W yesterday for $15, the brand is Abode and it worked really well for this.  Saves me pulling out the big one and also saves the hassle of washing it all up too!

PS notice the sunshine streaming through the window on the slice? Yes you say? :-)  It's so nice to see some sun! I've been outside every moment its been out today, come on Spring, you can do it :-) to think about dinner lol x S

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