July 15, 2013

Simple joys...

I think I've always had it in me, the ability to see, appreciate, and enjoy the simple things in life... being still and just soaking in the glory of something like a dewdrop glistening in the sunlight, the beauty of a flower or even sitting and admiring the things in my home I've collected on my life's journey.  Not so simple I guess, really...

I call it a blessing, and draw on it every morning especially as I'm going through this psoriatic arthritis flare up...I go to bed each night and can't help but hope for a better tomorrow, when that doesn't happen, I remind myself that this is my normal for the day, to then live in the day and let the positive energies around me, the simple joys, help me feel content. 

Today, these beautiful anemone flowers made me feel glad, aren't they beautiful!  I feel that even though I sorely miss doing lots of things each day, I'm given the gift of time, to enjoy a flower for hours if need be...a nice counteraction to the negative effects of illness huh :-) 

Well, today was a little more exciting, we decided to begin watching the Harry Potter series again, days can feel really full if you use your imagination, and luckily, I have  copious amounts of that ;-)

Thanks for reading  x S 


  1. Hi sweetie...This is what sets you apart....you always look for the best in every single day. You single out the blessings, you find them, you hold onto them, you cherish them....I cherish you <3 <3 <3 Love, Ellen

    1. Aww, thanks sweetie, it's much easier to do with you as my best friend <3 love you xx


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