July 20, 2013

library love...

Today has to be the coldest I've experienced, 3.5 degrees Celsius at lunch time, that's really cold for an Aussie :-) I love it though, I love winter and feel so content listening to the sounds of rain, hail and thunder, whilst being cozy inside, lovely...

So, cuddled up with blankies, doggies, books, my Google tablet, and cup of tea... and chocolate, can't forget that... I started thinking about book love, which reminded me of library love!  I'm working through the mountain of books I borrowed last time I went to my wonderful library, I can't wait to finish so I can go and browse and borrow some more.  I totally love my kindle app, but there is something really comforting in a real book when you aren't feeling well.

I had to be about 3... my first memory of a library, my mum took me there, and taught me of its purpose, I still remember choosing my books and bringing them home, exciting! It really is one of my earliest happy memories, thanks mum xx

At the school library, I was 5 and doing the borrowing on my own, adults scared me, so it took a lot of courage to take my Meg and Mog book up to the counter to get the cards stamped, I really liked that book, so the story ends well, I did it lol.  I  bought a copy of Meg and Mog lately for sentimental reasons, plus it's still an awesome book! :-) 

Today our library has an adjoining cafĂ©, making the experience even more perfect, it's one of my favourite places to go, and always makes me feel better.  Library love :-) 

Thanks for reading ... x S 


  1. Hey Sarah: a book with a witch and a black cat is your favorite from childhood? Too funny! :}


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