December 18, 2011

Poor Pip :(

Well my poor sweet boy ended up back in surgery this last week, he had only just finished with his first surgery to fix the right back legs 5 weeks ago, and suddenly he became lame in the left back leg. The poor thing had torn his cartilage and ligament around the knee to pieces. So we had to do the surgery that was planned for next year on the left leg, now! He has been recovering all week, with a very worried sleep deprived mummy :(

This time around he is less confident about walking, with two new legs! He will get there, I've seen improvement today, day 4, he can take a few steps on his own...but I hope he is well enough for Christmas!


  1. The poor sweet little doggy. Two legs to get better must be painful. He is lucky he has a good Mum to nurse him.
    Hopefully every day a little better, and you get more sleep.

  2. Poor, poor Pip.....Bit by bit he will regain his confidence and use his two new knees again. He does have the world's greatest nurse, but she does need to sleep too ;) Lots of love, Ellen

  3. Oh my gosh! Sarah! Pip! Wow, what a crummy time you're having! At least he made it through surgery and looks sharp.
    There's a brace available for pups, that really helped my Russel when she wrecked her knee, take a look! It's supposed to aid recovery after surgery...

  4. Thank you my dear friends, sending love and hugs all round xxx he is getting better and finally walking again, which takes some stress off from me, but I still watch him like a hawk every minute.

    Kay, I think we are just as lucky to have each other, I love my little boy, he really makes life happier for me :)

    Hi Ellen, yes, he is getting more confidence, and it is soooo weird seeing him walk without pigeon toes!! I kinda miss his little pigeon toed walk.... lol

    Hi Karen, oh yes, do you think that will be the end of it? I do hope so, I could use some chill out time ;) Thanks for the suggestion, if he still has trouble I'll definitely get some of those! Thank you!


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