October 13, 2009


We lost our sweet little girl Nala a week ago today from stroke, it has been a very hard, emotional week, it was such a shock, we knew she was older, but in true Jack Russell form, she didn't stop bouncing off the walls till that first stroke hit. I am still crying but it is getting a little easier and today, I saw a rainbow, after reading the rainbow bridge poem I am sure this was a message from her that she is happy and we will meet again. She came to live with my family from the pound in '99 and we have had 10 happy years with her, with lots of love both ways. Here are a few photos, the last one is only 10 days before her passing, I will miss my little Nala :(
Nala's Album.....


  1. Dear Sarah,
    I am sorry that you have lost such a dear treasure. The thought of the rainbows bridge has comforted me very much when I have lost my girl Gina. I hope, to you she also donates little consolation. Woe still, however, does it. The thought on a reunion makes it, however, tolerable.
    Comforting embraces Iris

  2. Dear Sarah

    Wish I could give you a big hug sweety it is a terrible time but it will get better and you will only think of her with a smile and not tears

    Big HugS


  3. I love that poem and what a lovely sign that she is being taken care of and waiting for you. Many hugs to you and your pup, Vicki

  4. Dear Sarah I'm so sorry for your loss, it's only been a few months since we lost Ralph and I feel it so deeply still. I'm sure time will ease your pain, and you will remember your beloved Nala with a smile. Hugs x

  5. thank you so much everyone....its nearly a month now, and although I'm not crying so much, its still hard :( They sure leave a big hole in our lives...only shows how much they give us while they are with us. hugs to you all xx


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