September 30, 2009

Come visit me at the Halloween Artists' Studio Trick or Treat!

You're invited to join in on the Halloween Artist Studio Trick or Treat!
I hope you'll stop by my "place" and see what new bears I have waiting behind my pumpkin door!
In aid of "Bat Conservation International" I hope you'll consider donating to this worthy cause!
Have fun trick or treating, be sure to finish the whole tour to visit all the amazing participating artists and get clues for the competition and loads more fun,
Thank you Karen Waschinski for hosting such a fun event! Enjoy!!


  1. Hi Sarah!

    The link for this website does not work on my computer.
    Did someone else have similar problem?


  2. It doesn't work for me either :(

  3. The link worked fine for me...I loved the haunted tour, what a neat idea!! Your scaaary bearies were DARLING!!!! Love them so much!!! HUGS, Kimi

  4. Oh really :( I wonder why, I'm sorry girls, here is a direct link to the map, maybe it will work....
    Glad you got in Kimi, its so much fun isn't it :) Thanks so much, Esme has been sold, Jasper is still waiting for a bite, hehe ;)


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