August 24, 2009

Fairy Time...

Its been a hectic couple of months, I hardly know where July and August have gone! I've been busy finishing orders, including a special bear for a Christmas magazine issue (I know, already yikes!!), I've also had the flu to get over (not swine!). I've been having some fun too with a bear show to visit and I had a special bear artist friend come stay with me too. I have also spent a lot of time with my lovely niece and nephew over the winter, they both love baking so we've been making scrumptious things like cupcakes and lemon meringue pie ;)
And finally (phew!) I've managed to list another little bear on Ebay. Stepping away from the fangs this time, she is a sweet little fairy bear, Moya. I hope you'll take a look at this link.


  1. mmmmm I want a slice or two of that lemon meringue pie please, it's my fave :) Sorry to hear you've had flu, I do hope it's gone now. you've been a busy bee with your bears and wow I wish I was that organised to have got a bear ready for christmas! Love your new fairy bear, such a sweetie, good luck with her auction. Chat soon, Hugs, Cath xx

  2. Thanks so much Cath :) I wish you lived closer then I'd have invited you over for tea ;) xx

  3. I have landed by other Blogs with you and I am whole faziniert from your wonderful bears with her charming faces. Great works! Dear village greetings from Germany

  4. Love your little fairy bear, she's so sweet with an exquisite face. It seem strange thinking of Christmas so soon but I am going to start a few very soon too.


  5. Thanks so much Iris for your lovely comments :)

    Awww, thanks so much Pauline :)

  6. Hi Sarah

    Love the colour of this little one I'm having pink moments lately must be the time of year with all the beautiful flowers coming out.

    Raewyn PS Like your blog sometimes I get off facebook too :) LOL

  7. Thanks so much Raewyn :) Yes, isn't it a lovely time of year, spring :) Although its a bit of a chilly spring down here in Adelaide this year! tee-hee, see you on facebook :) xx


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